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Wales Omnibus Survey

Arts Council of Wales has conducted an annual attendance and participation research survey every year since 1993.

Wales Omnibus Survey 2016

Information is collected on attendance to arts events and participation in artistic activities via a series of questions asked on the Beaufort Research Ltd Wales Omnibus survey in November. At least 1,000 interviews are conducted each year with a sample designed to be representative of the adult population resident in Wales aged 16 and over.

This paper summarises the latest data on overall arts attendance and participation levels among adults and by key demographic groups.

Wales Omnibus Survey 2016: Initial Release of Headline Data


Wales Omnibus Survey 2015: Report on Main Findings


Please feel free to view, download and share our infographic, which displays some of the main data from this report.

Adults’ Engagement with the Arts 2015 Infographic


We published an Initial Release of Headline Data for 2015 on 28 January 2016.

Download: Wales Omnibus Survey 2015: Initial Release of Headline Data

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