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Programme Support for Venues and Galleries

Supporting projects that curate and present high quality, distinctive and exciting artistic work that enhances a venue or gallery’s programme.

We want to support ambitious, professional programming that encourages audiences to enjoy and experience a wide range of activity. We’ll try to do this by enabling venues and galleries to programme work that is beyond the reach of their core business. This will help address geographical gaps in provision and reach out to audiences. This could mean introducing existing audiences to different types of work, or reaching out to new audiences and hard to reach groups.

We want venues and galleries to really be adventurous with the proposals they develop for this strand. We’re not afraid to take managed risks as long as you can convince us your ideas are well thought through with a clear artistic vision and excellence at its heart.

We’ll consider projects that enable theatres, arts centres and galleries to present and curate an enhanced programme or to develop a new strand of work designed to attract specific audiences or reach new target groups. We’re interested in projects where our investment will help lever in other funding or create new partnerships.

We’ll consider projects in any artform that can demonstrate they will be of high quality.

Applications for what we consider to be the core funded activities of venues or galleries will not be supported.

What are we looking for?

Do you have a project that might be suitable for funding under this strand? Find out more about what we’re looking for in a Programme support for venues and galleries application, including projects we’re keen to support and what funding is available in the Programme Support strand document.

Not the right strand for your project? Return to the list of strands for Arts Grants for Organisations here.

Are you eligible?

You should ensure that you have also read our information on Getting Started. You can check that your organisation is eligible to apply by taking our Eligibility Quiz.

If you have a project that you think might be suitable to apply for under this strand, please Contact us before starting an application. You can email your project ideas to:

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