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Research and Development for Creative Professionals

Supporting experimentation and enabling the exploration and development of new ideas, new collaborations and new ways of working.

Research and development can have a significant impact on creative practice. It can benefit creative professionals at all stages of their careers and can contribute to the development of all artforms.

We want to support research and development projects that will strengthen your creative practice and help build the appropriate collaborations you’ll need to bring your idea to fruition.

An appropriate research and development phase can be the first step in making a great idea happen. We are interested in supporting projects across all artforms that can be the catalyst for new work, or can drive forward our vision for the arts in Wales in an exceptional way. And because of the nature of research and development work, we won’t always expect there to be a defined outcome.

The heart of your proposal must be the potential of the creative idea. We’re not afraid to take risks when they can be justified – and we want the creative professionals we fund to do the same and go beyond their creative comfort zone.

Please note: We won’t support applications to buy time out from your usual practice.

What are we looking for?

Think the Research and Development strand could be suitable for your project? Find out more about what we’re looking for in an application and what funding is available in the Research and Development strand document.

Not the right strand for your project? Return to the list of strands for Arts Grants for Creative Professionals here.

Are you eligible?

You should ensure that you have also read our information on Getting Started. You can check that you are eligible to apply by taking our Eligibility Quiz.

If you have a project that you think might be suitable to apply for under this strand, please Contact us before starting an application. You can email your project ideas to:

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