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Our Creative Wales Awards are to support artists’ development and are made in all artforms. Artists can now apply for the 2017/18 Creative Wales Awards.

What are Creative Wales Awards?

They’re intended to give space and time for an artist who’s already had career achievements, to undertake creative experimentation and research to inform their future practice, but not necessarily to deliver defined and predetermined outcomes.

Creative Wales puts a premium on artists with innovative new approaches and understandings. It allows an individual artist’s vision to be explored, tested and re-imagined without the need to create a ‘final’ performance or exhibition, but recipients will have nevertheless shown how their exploration will make a contribution to the development of the arts in Wales.

Previous Winners

View all of the previous winners of Creative Wales Awards here.

Current Opportunities

The Creative Wales Fellowship will allow us to support individuals to develop practice in a specific field in a specific place with the support and guidance of mentors and experts already working in this arena.

Creative Wales–British School at Rome Fellowship 2018/19
The Creative Wales–British School at Rome Fellowship will provide a valuable opportunity for an artist at a significant juncture of their career, who lives in Wales, to undertake a three-month residency in Rome.

The Fellowship is open to exceptional, ambitious and imaginative creative individuals, working within the visual arts artform. It will provide an exceptional opportunity for career development for the artists selected, increase Wales’s artistic profile internationally, and make an invaluable contribution to creative Wales.

Further information upon the Fellowship and details of how to apply can be found on the BSR website.

The closing date for applications for the 2018–19 Fellowship (tenable October–December 2017) is Friday 13 October 2017.

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