Arts Council of Wales | Inspire... our strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales

Inspire... our strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales

Our strategy is straightforward – it’s summed up in the three words drawn from our arts development strategy, Inspire…

  • Make
  • Reach
  • Sustain

When we talk about Make, we mean artistic creation. We want to foster an environment in which our artists, arts organisations and creative enthusiasts can create their best work.

If we Make well, we inspire. And we must inspire the people of Wales to enjoy and take part in the best creative activity that our nation has to offer. Because we believe that the best experience of art only happens when that chord is struck – when what is made, connects. This is at the heart of our ability to Reach, and crucially to reach further than before.

If in doing this, something of worth is created in what is made or who is embraced, then we should ask how we protect and Sustain these things in ways that will endure.

Download the strategy here

Inspire... our strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales

Easy Read version: Inspire (Easy Read): Our plan for making Wales a creative place 2014-2019

Inspire: Equality Impact Assessment

The Seven Well-being Goals

Make: Reach: Sustain aligns with the Welsh Government’s seven well-being goals, defined in its landmark Well-being of Future Generation legislation. The seven well-being goals are:

  1. A prosperous Wales: Prosperity
  2. A resilient Wales: Resilience
  3. A healthier Wales: Health
  4. A more equal Wales : Equality
  5. A Wales of more cohesive communities: Community
  6. A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language: Culture
  7. A globally responsible Wales: Global

Read more about our Well-being Future Generations Policy Statement (Sustainable Development) and how we implement this in our Operational Plan.

How we got here

Read about how we formed Inspire and our consultation process, Sgwrs Gelfyddydol.

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