Arts Council of Wales | A Prospectus for National Advisers

A Prospectus for National Advisers

Our Advisers bring with them a diverse range of expertise, often as artists, or arts managers themselves.

Our Advisers also include academics, writers, consultants and business people – indeed, anyone with demonstrable knowledge, expertise in, and commitment to, the arts.

Working together, our Council, staff and Advisers offer to Wales the country’s most dynamic and comprehensive resource of specialist arts expertise.

National Advisers assist us with a wide range of activity, including some of the following:

  • Assisting with and contributing to the development of policy
  • Contributing to consultations undertaken by the Arts Council
  • Advising on, and assisting with, the assessment of grant applications
  • Attending performances/exhibitions/events etc. and submitting Quality Appraisal reports (these will feed into our monitoring of the quality of the work delivered by our revenue funded organisations)
  • Attending occasional meetings/providing submissions to assist us in the review and development of new plans, initiatives and projects

In the Prospectus, we explain:

  • the role of an Adviser, and the ways in which we’d like Advisers to help us
  • how Advisers are recruited and selected
  • what sort of people we’re looking for as Advisers

Read the Prospectus for National Advisers here.

Download the prospectus

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