Arts Council of Wales | Remuneration, Appointments & HR Committee

Remuneration, Appointments & HR Committee

A sub-committee of the Arts Council of Wales.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for Remuneration, Appointments & HR Committee are reviewed on an annual basis. This document was last updated in February 2014.

Role of the Committee

Council has established a Remuneration, Appointments and HR Committee to support them in discharging their responsibilities for issues of recruitment, retention and management of staff, and for the pay and conditions of service in meeting the Council’s and Accounting Officer’s governance needs for the organisation, and to ensure that they contribute effectively to the delivery of the Council’s strategic goal and business needs.

The Committee is also responsible for setting and monitoring the Chief Executive’s annual performance targets, and for recommending to Council, the annual remuneration of the Chief Executive and Chair, subject to the limits set by and the agreement of the Welsh Government.

Read the full Terms of Reference for the Remuneration and Appointments Committee.

Falstaff, Mid Wales Opera | Llun/Photo: David Pugh
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