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Environmental Policy

We are committed to managing the environmental impact of our activities and will strive to meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations which relate to the environmental aspects of our business.

The Arts Council of Wales is the country’s official funding and development organisation for the arts. Our principal sponsor is the Welsh Government. We also distribute funding from the National Lottery and raise additional money where we can from other public and private sector sources.

Working together with the Welsh Government, we support and promote the important contribution that the arts make to Wales.

We adhere to the principles of the Welsh Government’s Well being of Future Generations Act. This means that we consider the future impact of our decisions and programmes of work, operating wherever we can in a sustainable and environmentally aware fashion. As such, we strive to meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations which relate to the environmental aspects of our business.

We also seek to influence others and to encourage good environmental performance through our grant decision making processes. Our approach is focused on continuous improvement, monitoring and reviewing those activities that are identified as having a negative environmental impact.

Arts Council of Wales will employ a preventative approach to environmental concerns. And we will design and employ technologies and operating procedures that demonstrate this commitment

Meeting our environmental commitments is a corporate responsibility and applies to all Council members, staff, agents and appointees.

Council’s Senior Leadership Team is responsible for promoting and monitoring this policy through our Performance Management Procedures. Appropriate monitoring information will be produced to support this.

All staff and other relevant parties will be made aware of this policy (and relevant procedures). Training will be offered to those whose responsibilities have a direct impact on environmental matters

Compliance with the policy will include, but not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Pollution Prevention and minimisation
  • Purchasing (procurement) of equipment and goods, print and publications
  • Disposal of equipment and waste materials
  • Energy use
  • Travel
  • Grant Management

Council has introduced sustainability criteria into its Arts Portfolio Wales funding agreements. This will require them to report on environmental performance as part of our annual monitoring.

Capital grants will require specific environmental targets to be applied to construction projects.


Environmental Policy




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