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An Arts Council of Wales funded project gets the green light

Daniel Baker’s ‘Makeshifting: structures of mobility’ opens 29th June to 1st August 2015. Art Central, Town Hall, King Square, Barry, CF63 4RW – FREE ADMISSION. Open Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm. 09 Jun 2015

An Arts Council of Wales funded project gets the green light

The Romani Cultural & Arts Company is proud to announce an exciting new venture that will enable the development of innovative artworks by established and emerging Gypsy and Traveller artists. The Gypsy Maker project will engage the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities with the wider public in ongoing dialogue about the ways in which art continues to inform our lives. ‘An exciting, unique and inclusive project’ says Jane Hutt Minister of Finance, Welsh Government.

Daniel Baker will be our established artist for the pilot year 2014-15. Baker is a Romani Gypsy. An artist, curator and theorist, he holds a PhD on the subject of Gypsy aesthetics from the Royal College of Art, London. Recent publications include We Roma: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art, 2013. Baker’s work is exhibited internationally and can be found in collections across Europe, America, and Asia.

The Makeshifting exhibition project has wide reaching implications, highlighting as it does the timely issue of physical migration. Free movement without prohibition or prosecution remains a pressing issue for GRT groups in the UK and the rest of Europe. Despite being a founding tenet of the European Union, mobility, whether through forced eviction or economic nomadism, continues to be seen as a threat to the very foundations of society. Makeshifting offers an alternative view by repositioning the inherent qualities of mobility as valuable rather than threatening. The structures of mobility examined in Makeshifting are considered in relation to physical, social, economic and aesthetic terrains with particular emphasis on relationships between the marginal and the mainstream in society.

The Romani Cultural & Arts Company invites you to see the works and meet the artist at the opening of this new exhibition by Daniel Baker.

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