Arts Council of Wales | Seven innovative regeneration projects benefit from a new Ideas: People Places initiative
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Seven innovative regeneration projects benefit from a new Ideas: People Places initiative

Seven innovative regeneration projects have been selected to benefit from a new Arts Council of Wales funding initiative. Projects will bring together local people and agencies to develop initiatives across Wales which aim to put the arts at the heart of those communities. 18 Dec 2014

Seven innovative regeneration projects benefit from a new Ideas: People Places initiative

The concept of Ideas: People: Places is to work with artists and communities in projects designed to regenerate those areas in an imaginative and ambitious way in line with what the citizens would like to see for themselves. Collaboration is central to that process and the selected projects have a range of interesting and different partnerships at their core. These range from housing associations to commercial land and property owners.

29 vibrant ideas from all over Wales were initially received as part of the Ideas: People: Places. Seven were awarded funding and will share over two and a half million pounds over 3 years to realise their truly exciting projects that aim to make a real difference to the quality of life of those who live there.

Culture Action Llandudno (Call) CIC / Manau Coll | Lost Spaces – this newly formed social enterprise will bring together Helfa Gelf and Mostyn Estates to put the town's rich cultural history as a firm part of the evolution of Llandudno. A 3-year regeneration programme will initiate dialogue between artists and the community in order to develop social and cultural experiences in order to improve long term economic and civic prosperity and re-purpose unused buildings;

Coastal Housing Group / From the Station to the Sea – The project is a partnership between Coastal Housing Group, a registered social landlord operating across Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea and Volcano Theatre based in Swansea. From the Station to the Sea is a project about Swansea’s High Street and the role it plays in the consciousness of the city and its people. The street has a distinctive curve within the city and its route traces a line that runs from the main railway station through the shopping district and down to the city’s marina

They are proposing to challenge regeneration convention, and allow for a change in the relationship between the different user groups to create social spaces at various places alongside the High Street that will engage the public in the creative process.

Cyngor Gwynedd / 'Yma wyf finnau i fod' roughly translating as "The place I was meant to be", this project in Caernarfon aims to create a sense of place in the Gwynedd town, particular around Cei Llechi – the old Slate Quay. When Welsh slate was exported worldwide, much of it was loaded on to ships here. Now Gwynedd Council working with Welsh Government/Cadw, Caernarfon Harbour Trust, Galeri, Caernarfon Town Council and the Welsh Highland Railway are aiming to develop a group of derelict buildings on the quay keeping its rich history at its heart;

Maindee Festival Association ( MFA) / Finding Maindee – a collaboration between Maindee Festival Association (soon to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Maindee unlimited); Community First Central Newport Cluster; Charter Housing; Newport Council; Maindee Action Group and Maindee Parish Council.

The consortium wants to adopt an arts based approach to regeneration to act as a key catalyst in the transformation of Maindee. Their ideas are based on the coming together of community involvement and challenging artistic practice that create debates and discussions. Their programme of activities is designed to revitalise and bring cohesion to the Maindee area of Newport. Their long term aim is to achieve the viability and sustainability of its community.

Planed / Confluence – this collaboration includes the rural regeneration organisation PLANED working with Space to Create, iDeA Architects, Pembrokeshire County Council and Transition Haverfordwest. They will work in Haverfordwest to bring the community together to inspire and shape the process of urban planning and regeneration and look at the role of the river and connections in the town;

RCT Homes / It’s Art but it’s Not - a collaboration between Wales’s largest social landlord RCT Homes, Valley’s Kids and Artes Mundi. This project will involve artists collaborating with these organisations to come up with new ideas for the regeneration of local communities and public spaces within a large programme of environmental improvements to the local housing stock.

Tai Calon Community Housing / Arts and Minds – a collaboration between social landlord Tai Calon, another social landlord, and Heads for Arts, this time in Blaenau Gwent. Tai Calon is responsible for 6,100 properties across three valleys. As they prepare to improve those homes to the Welsh Quality Housing Standard, it has recognised the opportunity that gives to use the arts to enrich tenants' lives by involving them in any development.

Nathalie Camus from the Arts Council of Wales said:

"We want to explore new ways of working, nurture new partnerships and champion quality in both the design and the execution of projects. These successful projects will, we expect, be those that adopt a thoughtful and creative approach to regeneration – an approach that connects and empowers communities, seeing them as important contributors to the regeneration process.

"Arts Council of Wales champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives. We've seen the arts make an enormous difference to communities already and believe passionately that there's much more that can be achieved if we work together on a large scale and over a longer timescale."

Notes to editors:

The seven successful projects will receive these amounts over a three year period:

Call CIC / Manau Coll | Lost Spaces - £585,000; Coastal Housing Group / From the Station to the Sea -£199,445; Cyngor Gwynedd/ Yma wyf finnau i fod - £477,313; Maindee Festival Association/Finding Maindee - £365,000; Planed/Confluence - £404,678; RCT Homes / It’s Art but it’s Not - £477,341; Tai Calon Community Housing / Arts and Minds - £342,216.

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