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Côr Caia Choir putting down roots

On 4 December, a Wrexham-based community choir, whose participants have recently taken over the running of the group, will deliver its first taster session to recruit a new cohort of members, with the support of Voluntary Arts Wales. 01 Dec 2014

Côr Caia Choir putting down roots

Côr Caia Choir was originally set up by Welsh National Opera (WNO) in the Caia Park area of Wrexham to unite community members of all ages with the help of family-focused singing. When direct support from WNO came to an end in the summer, the future of the choir was unclear.

Voluntary Arts Wales' pilot 'Putting Down Roots' project, supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Spirit of 2012 Trust, aims to upskill and support participants of funded arts initiatives to go on and run their own self-sustainable groups. With help from Putting Down Roots, Côr Caia Choir now has a clear plan to continue, utilising the previously-hidden leadership skills of its members and combining the input of paid professionals with a greater degree of self-led peer-learning.

The choir is now linking up with Voluntary Arts Wales' Wrexham-based 'Culture Guides' - volunteers recruited to provide people who don't usually experience culture with opportunities to do so - to deliver their first taster session to a group of potential members at This Project's Galleri 3B. The session will also be attended by guests from Denmark, whom, along with organisations from the Netherlands, Slovenia and Hungary, are running similar Culture Guides projects with funding from the EU Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme.

If you know anyone based in Wrexham who rarely takes part in cultural activities but might like to try singing (or any other creative cultural activities such as art, dance, crafts etc) in a welcoming environment, contact one of our Culture Guides at

For further information about the Putting Down Roots project, please contact Janina Kuczys, Infrastructure Development Officer, Voluntary Arts Wales tel: 07818 034565 or email:

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