Arts Council of Wales | On the Edge of the World Myrddin Gallery 04/07/2012

On the Edge of the World

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Tania Kovats 'Two Hundred and Eighty Two'

This exhibition draws from the rich holdings of the British Council Collection. It was curated as part of a bi-centenary programme of events to celebrate the achievements and lasting legacy of Charles Darwin.

The 14 contemporary artists selected for this exhibition assume the role of modern-day explorers. Through their work, they make connections between us, our environment and nature. For many of them, travel is an important part of their practice; they seek to examine and interpret the complex and changing natural world around us. Here we see the enduring legacy of Darwin and his commitment to bringing new interpretations, rare discoveries and insights to a wider world carried beyond a scientific community into the imaginations of artists today.

Featured artists: boredomresearch, Christine Borland, Dalziel+Scullion, Anya Gallaccio, Tania Kovats, Rob Kesseler, Michael Landy, Heather & Ivan Morison, Simon Starling, Alison Turnbull and Marc Quinn.

Registered Charity Number 1034245