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Arts Council of Wales is seeking Arts Associates

The Arts Council of Wales is looking for people to become Arts Associates. 20 Nov 2018

Arts Council of Wales is seeking Arts Associates
Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero, (llun/image: Warren Orchard)

Our Associates will help us in our various Sector Development Groups, devoted to art forms and ways of working in the arts, as well as being involved in Grant Decisions.

Commenting today, David Alston, Arts Director of Arts Council Wales said:

"Widening engagement is a significant priority for the Council. We will be seeking Arts Associates’ participation in how we achieve greater reach through communities where access to the arts can be more developed and our equalities and inclusivity agenda strengthened.

"We will also want our Arts Associates to participate in workshop or conference activity and our programme of Creative Conversations."

He continued saying:

"We are creating a new way people can get involved in the work arising from our recently published Corporate Plan – For the Benefit of All. The next five years will be important ones for shaping the contribution the arts are making in contemporary Wales, and we are seeking expertise from the sector to inform and challenge this process.

"Arts Council of Wales has specialist officers who provide knowledge and expertise in the arts. But the arts never stand still. We recognise that to supplement our knowledge and inform our thinking, we need to collaborate with people with experience and challenging imaginations and perspectives. This will be the role of our Arts Associates"

Full details about the Arts Associates are available by clicking here: Seeking people to join as Arts Associates

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