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Cardiff School to contribute to Armistice Centenary events

Pupils from Thornhill Primary School in Cardiff will be contributing to a series of events to commemorate a hundred years since the armistice which finally brought 4 bitter years of fighting to an end on 11 November 1918. The school is part of the Arts Council of Wales’ Creative learning through the arts programme, and is a Lead Creative School. 26 Oct 2018

Cardiff School to contribute to Armistice Centenary events

One of the first of these commemorative events will be the Wales Festival of Remembrance at St David’s Hall, Cardiff on Saturday 3rd November at 7pm.

At the event, the school children will be performing the ‘Armistice Cantata’ for which they wrote the lyrics, set to music by composers from the period of the First World War. The lyrics were written by the pupils with assistance from Goldies Cymru of the Golden Oldies Charitable Trust.

Paul Tucker, Head Teacher at Thornhill Primary School, Cardiff, said:

"The pupils researched the First World War by visiting the Glamorgan Archives, and chose what they thought were key themes. These included the role of women and the relationships between those who went to the battlefield, and those who stayed at home, and these have contributed to the Armistice Cantata.

"Pupils and staff have done a fantastic job, with the help of the members of Goldies Cymru. I’m very proud of their achievement."

Grenville Jones of Goldies Cymru, who lost his grandfather during the battle of the Somme in 1917, said:

"This is a remarkable project and is very special since once again we have seen the joy that comes when children and older people meet together on school projects."

This project was awarded the UK’s Best Education Project in the recent National Lottery Awards, announced during a BBC One programme broadcast on 26th September.

Bethan Millet, Arts Council of Wales Manager of the Wales Remembers fund, also said:

"A fund available for a little while yet, is the "Wales Remembers" fund which is there to assist schools to attend arts event, museums or exhibitions associated with the First World War – or to get someone to come along to their school to present a commemorative activity there.

"This year, we’re marking the centenary of the end of the Great War, so these grants will only be available for another few months.

"From this fund too, grants of up to £1,000 are available but schools can only receive one ‘Wales Remembers’ grant. It is worth teachers thinking whether they would like their pupils to undertake any arts activity associated with the First World War during the next few weeks."

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