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Arts Council of Wales - Creative Professionals Survey

For us to get a better picture of the work and life of Creative Professionals in Wales, we are undertaking a short survey. 25 Sep 2018

The results will help us to understand the routes that creative professionals take in Wales and will enable us to improve the way we support and develop Creative Professionals.

In the past, our sample has only included individuals who have received a grant in the past three years, but this year, we are opening the survey to include individuals who have not received a grant from us. By opening up the survey to a wider audience we hope gain a better understanding of those that we have funded and also those that we haven’t.

We need your help to reach as many creative individuals in Wales as we can.

Please spread the word through your contacts and networks in Wales about this survey,.

The survey can be found here:

You can find more information, including the results from the 2017 Survey, here:

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