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Arts Council of Wales 2018-23 Corporate Plan

Arts Council of Wales is today (Friday 14 September) launching its Corporate Plan for the coming five years. In it, the body’s mission for 2018-23 is unveiled – “Making the arts central to the life and wellbeing of the nation”. 14 Sep 2018

Arts Council of Wales 2018-23 Corporate Plan
Llun/image: James Morris

The Arts Council is committing itself to two priorities:

1. Promoting Equalities as the foundation of a clear commitment to reach more widely and deeply into all communities across Wales
2. Strengthening the Capability and Resilience of the sector, enabling creative talent to thrive

and will support these by enabling Arts Council to work more effectively, collaborating more imaginatively with like-minded partners across Wales.
Speaking at today’s press conference to launch the plan, Phil George, Chair of Arts Council of Wales, said:
"The Arts Council remains committed to excellence and to supporting bold, innovative and provocative art. But we also want to reach a wider range of our fellow citizens with the transformative power of the arts.

"This is more challenging than it sounds in principle. The brutal fact remains that too many people are effectively denied the opportunity to enjoy, take part or work in the arts. If we believe that the life enhancing experiences of the arts, of imaginative expression, are crucial for a healthy and dynamic society, then they should be available to all."

Continuing this theme, Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive Arts Council of Wales, said:
"We’ve worked hard to dispel the myth that the value and benefits that the arts bring are limited to an exclusive minority. But the evidence shows that in spite of some success, we’re still not doing enough.

"There are still too many barriers that impede people’s access to the arts. Breaking down those barriers – cultural, social or economic – will be one of our defining priorities over the duration of this plan, as well as continuing to champion excellence and encourage the best in the arts in Wales."

The Arts Council intends to do this by:
• providing packages of funding and support to encourage the resilience and durability of artists and arts organisations
• increasing our investment in the creative work of black, asian and minority ethnic artists, disabled people and those wanting to work through the medium of the Welsh Language
• campaigning for greater diversity within the arts workforce and in the governance of its portfolio of revenue-funded organisations
• ensuring that the Arts Council itself lives up to the values of fairness, equality and diversity
• exploiting the opportunities of working internationally
• extending our work with children and young people, securing the future of our "Creative Learning" programme
• developing a new Arts and Health strategy

Phil George continued saying
"Earlier this year we asked Gary Raymond, critic, editor, novelist and broadcaster, to talk to key individuals with an important story to tell or experiences to share. Thirteen of those stories are included in our new Corporate Plan, and contribute hugely to it. They stand as flag bearers for the inclusive approach which we are committed to pursuing."

Gary Raymond explained, saying:
"Over the course of a few months, I spoke to a wide range of people from a diverse demographic pool, all of whom have put themselves in the enviable position of having creativity in the centre of their lives. These conversations continuously came back to the transformative power of art and how the future must be about diversity, access and creating an open-mindedness in regards to form and medium.

"The conversations were marked with boldness, fearlessness, passion and energy – they are both a look at the creative landscape of Wales as it is, and how it could be"



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