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Machynlleth Comedy Festival’s Theatre Programme Set to Impress

Machynlleth Comedy Festival, 4-6 May 2018 30 Apr 2018

Machynlleth Comedy Festival’s Theatre Programme Set to Impress

The 9th Machynlleth Comedy Festival returns to the ancient Welsh capital on the weekend of 4th-6th May with over 7000 people expected to flock to the town for the 200+ events taking place that weekend.

The Festival has always looked to showcase comedy in its broadest terms and is about testing where the lines are drawn between comedy and other art forms. The specifically programmed theatre programme is a testament to that. Festival Director Henry Widdicombe says that "whilst the comedy programme often bleeds freely across these boundaries it is equally important for us to showcase this process happening in reverse." The festival includes shows from Amy Mason, Molly Naylor, Jamie Wood, Will Adamsdale, Adam Scott-Rowley and more, continuing the strong presence for theatre at the event. It showcases everything from clowning to musicals and continues to explore where the lines are drawn between comedy and theatre.

"Support from the Arts Council of Wales has enabled us to build a specific space for theatre this year, and given us the ability to work with some incredibly exciting artists" said Widdicombe. "Each show has been hand-picked, and we can’t wait for people to see them. If we had our way every single person attending would go and see at least one theatre show during their visit."

"Much of this year’s theatre programme is about journeys. From the physical journeys taken by Amy Mason to Texas, Jamie Wood walking to Wales and Molly Naylor taking us interstellar, to the journeys we sometimes have to make as human beings in Beth Vyse’s As Funny as Cancer and James Taylor’s Team Viking. As Machynlleth Comedy Festival turns 9 more and more shows are starting life at the festival with their very first read-throughs and returning sometimes 2 or 3 years later having been on their own journeys. We’re incredibly proud that our event has become both testing bed and final bow for so many works and it is a testament to our audience that the artists we work with want it to be that way." Widdicombe concluded.

For more information on the Theatre Programme head to and click theatre, or download the entire programme from the programme tab.

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