Arts Council of Wales | Sarah Carvell: New Paintings Martin Tinney Gallery 04/05/2012

Sarah Carvell: New Paintings

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Sarah Carvell: New Paintings Martin Tinney Gallery 04/05/2012

Sarah Carvell was born in Leicestershire in 1964 and was raised in Llannefydd, Clwyd. She studied at Wrexham and later at Loughborough School of Art. She lives and works in Denbighshire, and speaks Welsh fluently.

Sarah paints the gentle Denbighshire landscape and further afield, towards the coast of Porthmadog. She captures both the recognisable features and the insignificant passages that form the varied landscape of north Wales. She says of her recent work;

“My aim is to capture the light, or rather the shadows and the light on the landscape. Most of these paintings hint at the presence of man, with huts, barns, buildings or the structures of hedgerows.”

Her atmospheric landscapes are notable for the expressive, impasto painting technique she utilises, inspired largely by the work of artists such as Nicolas De Stael and Sir Kyffin Williams. For this new body of work, she also cites the influence of artists such as Richard Wilson and Edward Hopper, for their deep palette and ability to paint perfectly coloured shadows.

Now in her forties, Sarah is busy establishing herself as one of the leading painters of Welsh landscape, and her work is increasingly sought after. This is a great opportunity to acquire work by one of Wales’ most up-and-coming artists.

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