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School Children working in a Community Forge

Pupils from five schools in the Caernarfon area are visiting ‘Gefail yr Ynys’ (The Island Forge) this autumn, to see a blacksmith at work and to create their own artworks in metal. 06 Nov 2017

School Children working in a Community Forge

When Maesincla Primary School’s Year 5 pupils visited in October, they worked with Blacksmith Dylan Parry and artist Miranda Meilleur from Llanberis to explore metal-working skills. And when each learner was given an old-fashioned metal spoon, and was then invited to change it in whichever way they wanted to, they were delighted to start on the work!

To begin with they heated the spoon with a flame and cooled it in a bucket of water – this softened the metal, making it easier to shape and beat with a hammer. With 14 children beating metal with enthusiasm, the Forge was filled with noise and excitement! With help from Dylan and Miranda, the spoons were transformed into a variety of beautiful shapes, and were decorated with drilled holes and stamped lettering bring them to completion.

Bethan Page, Co-Project Manager for Stamp Caernarfon said "It was so exciting to see the children enjoying working on the metal spoons and being creative. These visits have been made possible because we worked with these five schools to apply for Arts Council of Wales ‘Go and See’ grants, which have paid for transport and the art workshop costs. Both the children and the staff have been very supportive and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them the future.

The project organisers are now looking forward to welcoming groups from the other 4 schools to the Forge in November - Ysgol y Gelli, Ysgol yr Hendre, Ysgol Penisarwaun and Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen.

Gefail yr Ynys is part of Stamp Caernarfon, a project that involves working with the community to regenerate the town through the arts. It is part of the Arts Council of Wales’ ‘Ideas, People, Places’ scheme and is supported by Gwynedd Council.

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