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You've Got Dragons

After years of charming audiences at outdoor venues and sites with their Shakespearian tales, Taking Flight Theatre Company is now preparing to perform its first tour of indoor venues, You’ve Got Dragons, at 12 venues around Wales and England. 14 Mar 2017

You've Got Dragons

This spring, dragons will be appearing all over Wales and England. Award- Winning Taking Flight Theatre are taking an exceptional story on tour - You’ve Got Dragons is an inclusive and accessible take on Kathryn Cave’s book.

You’ve Got Dragons is a visual treat for young children, their families and carers, with enchanting live music and songs, animated creative captions, audio description and VV woven throughout ( Visual Vernacular - a mix of British Sign Language, mime and gesture).

This delightful tale follows Ben's journey to come to terms with her dragons. The audience will see her struggle to hide from them, shout at them, pretend they aren't there and even try to make them laugh.

Artistic Director Elise Davison said: "We hope that as well as being a highly entertaining show it will also start conversations about 'dragons' and the fact that we all get them and make talking about feelings not such a taboo. Although this is not an issue based show - we hope to raise awareness of mental ill health in young children and show how talking about it can help us to realise that 'no dragon is more powerful than YOU'. "

Quotes from audience members at Unity Festival 2016 Performances

"It is intergenerational...I have a little boy and I took him, along with my husband and my son's grandparents, they enjoyed it just as much as my toddler did. My son still talks of the dragons; it has really struck a chord with him. He wouldn't take his eyes off the stage, totally mesmerised by what was happening visually and understood the sophisticated themes."

"I wanted to put in writing just how impressed I was with the production… In a time when mental health issues are still proving to be tough to talk about and understand, especially for young people, theatre such as this is important viewing for young audiences."

Children and their families will also be invited to join in activities pre and post show, including creating their own tactile, light up model houses. These will also be accessible, with audio description from actors describing their costumes and tactile costume mood boards to touch.

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